Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HomeMade Pizza

Update: The contest is now closed, we'll announce the winners tomorrow night!

A few weeks ago we were contacted by HomeMade Pizza, a "take 'n bake" style pizza restaurant on Grand Ave. in Saint Paul (they also have locations in Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and Wayzata). They wanted to give us some gift cards to give away to our readers, as part of a contest of sorts. This seemed like a pretty good deal, and I have no problem giving away free stuff to people, so we agreed :)

We had never had HomeMade pizza, and they offered to give us a couple pizzas to try out before we had the contest. We wanted to make sure we weren't giving away gift certificates for crappy pizza! While this isn't like our typical review of a sit-down restaurant, it is still in the spirit of trying new places, so we think it passes muster.

HomeMade Pizza is a great combo of the quality of take 'n bake pizza with the convenience of delivery. Other take 'n bake places we frequent don't offer delivery, so this is definitely a selling point. The delivery guy showed up at our door at the arranged time with two pizzas: one meat with pepperoni, onion, and basil and a veggie pizza with tomatoes and basil. They also threw in a salad, which was a nice starter for the meal.


Two pizzas is clearly way too much food for Erin and I, so we enlisted the help of our neighbors, Nate and Molly, to help us out, since we were told that the pizzas are better if you eat them the day you get them. Nate and Molly were eager helpers for some homebrew and grilled pizza :)


The pizzas come with grilling instructions and it's really easy. You do need to have either a regular pizza stone for your oven, or a special pizza stone specifically for the grill. We have a pizza stone for our oven, which worked out just fine. We preheated the grill for 10 minutes or so and slipped the meat pizza on the stone. I was a little concerned about the parchment paper that hung over the edge of the stone at first, but the paper just turns a little brown from the heat, no big deal.



The pizza cooks in about 10-12 minutes at 400 degrees, having a thermometer on the grill helped out here. It was just as easy as any frozen pizza I've ever made, and much prettier!

Both of these pizzas were excellent. The ingredients are fresh and the presentation is wonderful. The crust is thin and has good structure when you pick it up, it can hold the weight of the toppings well. We had the salad while the first pizza was cooking, Nate particularly liked the garlic dressing that came with the salad, I think he may have dipped his pizza in it as well. I'm not even a fan of tomatoes, but the veggie pizza was great, the tomatoes were nice and meaty.





The contest

I mentioned the gift cards earlier, and this is where you come in. We have ten gift cards: five $25 cards and five $10 cards. To win a gift card you need to comment with your favorite grilled pizza toppings. If you haven't ever had a grilled pizza, just comment with your favorite frozen pizza toppings :)

We will choose ten winners at random from the comments, the first five get a $25 gift card, the second five get a $10 gift card. The comments will close on Sunday night, June 28th, at 10pm central time.

Make sure to give us a way to contact you from your comment! Leave us your blog address or email address, or something, otherwise we can't give you your prize!!! NOTE: Many people have blogger profiles that are private - make sure yours is public, or you'll have to include your blog address or email address in your comment.

Good luck!