Saturday, October 23, 2010

Swede Hollow Cafe

Visited on Saturday, October 9 with Kate (no Ben)

Outside Swede Hollow Cafe

I realized it had been awhile since I saw Kate, and especially since she had gotten to see Annie, so we set up brunch on a beautiful Saturday a few weeks ago. Because Kate is very busy and important, I was glad she was able to pencil us in ;) I realized we really don't have too many brunchy type places left to visit on the list, but Swede Hollow Cafe was a place that had been sitting there unvisited since the very beginning of the blog - I put it on the list because of them winning Best Restaurant for Outdoor Dining from City Pages way back in 2007. Because it was a balmy 80 degrees on this fine "fall" day, it seemed like it would be the perfect spot!

Inside Swede Hollow Cafe

When I got there, I found Kate out on the patio, which is really large. There are two "levels", a few tables surround a fountain, and then down a slight hill there are a few more tables. Obviously I'm writing this a bit late in the season, but definitely put this on your list of patios to try next spring- it was one of the best I've been to! I liked that it was sheltered too - I really hate patios that are on a very busy street, or overlook a beautiful parking lot. This was perfect.

Patio at Swede Hollow

Swede Hollow had a much bigger menu than I was expecting - I knew it was a deli type of place, but they have a ton of great hot breakfast options on weekends. I went with the hash brown bake with bacon. All of the quiches and bakes came with a large fruit side and a corn muffin. I chose the mango, strawberry and peach cobbler. I also got an iced vanilla latte.

One of the staff members was having a grand time chatting with Kate and Annie while I was inside ordering - the staff all seemed very friendly! Our food came out really quickly - this is the type of place that you order at the counter, and then they bring it out to your table when it's ready. The amount of food was HUGE - honestly either the bake or the cobbler would have been plenty, but I was glad to eat both :) Annie got to try some bits and she also was a huge fan!

Hash Brown bake, mango/peach/strawberry cobbler

Eating some of my hash brown bake

Swede Hollow was one of the best new (to me) restaurants I've been to in awhile. It is on the outskirts of downtown St. Paul, so not too centrally located, but I think it's worth the drive! They do have ample seating indoors as well, and the food is good enough that it's worth going in the winter too. We will definitely be back!

725 East 7th Street
St. Paul