Sunday, September 7, 2008


Erin visited on Friday, September 5th with Mom and Liz


As soon as I heard that the Guthrie was doing the musical Little House on the Prairie, I knew that my mom, sister and I would have to go. We went to Walnut Grove a few times when Liz and I were younger because it is very close to where my Grandma lives. I also have read the books several times, and still have them in my house today.

At any rate, since we were going to the show on Friday, we decided to try out Cue for dinner. There aren't a huge number of good restaurants in the area - Spoonriver is across the street, but other than that, there is Harry's and Matty B's and not a lot else. Cue is on our list, and even though Ben didn't join us, I figured I should write about the experience before I forgot it. Honestly, I'm not sure if we'll go back for dinner - maybe just for an after work drink or something.


For a Friday night before a show, it wasn't very busy. We had a 5:30 reservation and it was empty - at 6 it started to fill up a little more. We each got a glass of wine - I got the Zinfandel, my sister got the Pinot Noir, and my mom had the Syrah (I think) - I heard no complaints, and I thought my wine was very good. There weren't a lot of options by the glass that were under $10 which was a little disappointing. They do have a HUGE wine list by the bottle though with a lot of reasonably priced options. A bread basket came out before the meal and had a lot of different bread options.

(this is after a few pieces were taken)

My sister and I both ordered the same thing, the Grilled Natural Beef, and the filet option. This was very good, and was prepared a little more well done than I typically like for medium, but was not too bad. I really liked the charred tomato marmalade that was on top of the filet, it gave the meat a great flavor. The dijon mashed potatoes were the main reason I ordered the dish and did not disappoint.


My mom got the pre-theater menu with the sweet carrot soup and beef short rib. I tried the soup and it was a little bland but still very good.

Carrot Soup Beef

Cue is a beautiful restaurant and pretty much has the market cornered for non-vegetarian pre theater fine dining. I did not really think that the food was good enough for me to want to go back unless I am going to another show at the Guthrie.
  • Service: Great service - no complaints in this area.
  • Food: Good, but not anything special. They have a good amount of options to please most tastes.
  • Drinks: Huge wine list, wines by the glass are a bit expensive.
  • Ambiance: Cue's main attraction to me is the ambiance - it is a beautiful restaurant.
  • Price: Prices are slightly high but are not outrageous.
  • Convenience: Very convenient if you are going to a show at the Guthrie. There is a parking ramp across the street, and on street parking if you are willing to walk a few blocks.


Cue at Guthrie
806 South 2nd St.

for a pre-theater meal or drink