Sunday, March 1, 2009


Visited on Friday, February 20th with Rett, Rebekah and Adelaide

Outside Bewiched

Erin's Review

Ben and I had been planning on going to Be'wiched for a weekday lunch for a long time, and we finally had a day at work that neither of us had meetings surrounding the lunch hour so we could actually be gone for a full hour. I saw that Rett's g-chat status was "@home" so I chatted to him to see if him and the family wanted to join us. They did, so off we went!

Be'wiched is in a beautiful older building in the warehouse district - both outside and inside look great. I love the large windows and warmly decorated interior. It was freezing outside, but felt nice and cozy inside with the sunlight streaming in.

Inside Bewiched

After reading a few reviews, I had already decided I wanted to get the roast beef. I love havarti cheese, so this was a major deciding factor in choosing that sandwich as well. I chose to get the combo and paired my sandwich with the pasta salad. The description sounds like it could be just the average tuna salad, but it was much better than that - no globs of mayo here (not that I don't love globs of mayo sometimes...).

Roast Beef and Pasta Salad

Both sandwich and salad were delicious. I loved the horseradish sauce on the sandwich, and the meat tasted fresh and was well seasoned. The salad had great flavor, and the tuna confit was a nice change from the usual canned tuna that is often present in tuna pasta salads. My ONLY complaint was that the "half" sandwich is really not half at all - it would be nice to get an actual half sandwich, instead of a slice that probably equates to 1/3 of the full sandwiches. The half sandwiches were a little hard to eat too - a lot of stuff in the middle and not that much bread.

Roast Beef

We hung out for a little while after eating to observe Adelaide, who slept pretty much the entire time. I would definitely go back to Be'wiched - very nice atmosphere and great food.

Erin and Adelaide

Ben's Review

We met Rett, Becky, and Ada out for lunch last week at Be'wiched in the warehouse district of downtown. Even though Be'wiched is a sandwich/salad shop, they do have beer on tap as well as some bottled options. They even have happy hour specials or $2 taps and $4 glasses of wine. I nearly got a beer before Erin talked me out of it. I still had to go back and work the rest of the afternoon, so it was probably a wise choice.

Inside Bewiched

You seat yourself when you walk into the restaurant, and then you order at the counter where they give you a number to place on your table. This is a great setup for a lunch place because the line moves quickly. I would rather wait at my table for my food rather than standing in line. There was a decent amount of people there when we went; nearly full but we still found a table for the five of us, with room for a car seat :)

Inside Bewiched

I had checked out the menu online before we left and had pre-decided on the Italian Hero sandwich, a very dramatic name for a sandwich I would say. The sandwiches don't really come with a side dish, instead you get two small spoonfuls of side salads, I think I got the cous cous and the "pasta" from their menu. The sandwich was really good but I don't think the $9.50 price tag was justified. I would have been just as happy with the #9 from Jimmy Johns for a couple bucks less. The Italian Hero is tied with the pastrami as the most expensive sandwich, so this is not to say that ALL the sandwiches are overpriced.

Italian Hero

I would go back to Be'wiched for happy hour and also to try some of the other sandwiches, specifically the egg salad and the pulled pork.

  • Service: Everyone was friendly and professional, no complaints.
  • Food: Very tasty sandwich and the sides were good, especially the cous cous.
  • Drinks: Great beer specials at happy hour and a decent selection as well. They also have wine although I don't know how many they have.
  • Ambiance: Everything is clean and new-looking with plenty of natural light to make it feel happy on a nice sunny day.
  • Price: As I mentioned the Hero is a little expensive, but there are some less pricey sandwiches. The $2 taps during happy hour are a fantastic deal.
  • Convenience: The parking outside is mostly meters, there may be a few parking spots near the door, but they were all taken when we pulled up.
800 Washington Ave. N