Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good Day Cafe

Visited on Tuesday, September 8th


Erin's Review
We needed a place relatively close to downtown to go to brunch after my ultrasound appointment a few weeks ago, and Good Day Cafe fit the bill. You can see this restaurant off of 394, in the same building as the Metropolitan Ballroom. When we got in, it was surprisingly large, and busy, given that it was a weekday mid-morning. I was a little disappointed that all the blinds were down, giving the room kind of a dark feel. It was a beautiful day outside, and by that time, the sun was high enough that it wouldn't have been blinding anyone to open the shades and give everyone a beautiful view of 394.


The big excitement of this meal was opening the envelope we had just been given at our ultrasound which contained the sex of our baby - so we got right to that immediately after being seated, and found out that "It's a girl!" (props to the ultrasound tech for having such cute cards on hand).

IMG_1704 IMG_1708

After that, brunch was an afterthought, although I was starving. Good Day Cafe has some good looking benedicts on the menu, but I'm a bit wary of raw eggs now that I'm pregnant. Sometimes I'll ask if the eggs are pasteurized, but I wasn't feeling like being that person today, thus I stuck with eggs over hard, potatoes and sausage.


I enjoyed my meal - the potatoes were crispy, and the sausage and eggs were fine. Obviously, it wasn't anything special, but it filled me up. My favorite part of the meal was actually the toast and jam - delicious! My orange juice was good, but NOT worth the $5.50 price tag. Had I read that before ordering, there is no way I would have gotten that.



The service was great - the waitress was very excited to take our picture with our "it's a girl" card, and was attentive throughout the meal. Good Day Cafe is a solid breakfast choice if you're out in the Golden Valley area.

Ben's Review
After we had our 20 week ultrasound, we went to Good Day Cafe for a late brunch to open the envelope that told us we were going to have a baby girl in February. Back when we first found out Erin was pregnant I didn't want to know the gender before the baby was born. As the ultrasound day approached I found that I was pretty excited to find out, so it all worked out for the best :)

Good Day Cafe is a large restaurant, but it was surprisingly busy on a Tuesday morning at 10:30. The soft colors and high ceilings of the restaurant give it a very laid back feel, and the employees treat you like people, rather than customers, everyone was very friendly.


After the excitement of opening the envelope, we browsed the menu a bit. They have the usual breakfast fare, but the huevos rancheros was calling out to me this day. I'm not even usually a fan, but this recipe sounded great. Chorizo sausage, salsa, salsa verde, sour cream, and two eggs however you like them. This was a delicious breakfast, and enormous, it filled me up till dinner.


We had narrowed down our choices of girl's names to two, we each had our favorites. As we finished up our food we discussed and figured out a name (guess who's name we used :). The one complaint about Good Day Cafe I had was that the coffee was not very good at all. I'm not a coffee connoisseur but even I could tell that the beans were burnt on this pot, though my cup was kept full the entire meal :)

A good breakfast, certainly one that we will remember for a long time.
  • Service: The service was great, everyone was friendly and our server was prompt, and even took a photo of us.
  • Food: Excellent heuvos rancheros, good selection of breakfast foods.
  • Drinks: Coffee was not good, and Erin's OJ was good, but it cost as much as a beer ($5.50).
  • Ambiance: As I mentioned, the building really makes you feel comfortable and the spacing between tables is ample.
  • Price: A little pricey, the OJ was a lot and the meals were around $10 apiece.
  • Convenience: There is a parking lot, but I gotta say that this area of Golden Valley is a pain in the ass for google maps. I had to call the restaurant to make sure we were going the right way. Not the restaurant's fault at all, but annoying.
Good Day Cafe

5410 Wayzata Ave
Golden Valley