Saturday, August 2, 2008

Snuffy's Malt Shop

Visited on Wednesday, July 23rd with Rett and Becky

Outside Snuffy's

Ben's Review
We decided to go to Snuffy's Malt Shop in Highland Park with our friends Becky and Rett for what was sure to be a cheap(er) meal. We had noticed Snuffy's a couple weeks earlier while driving by and decided that it looked like a place we might enjoy. I figured you can't go wrong with a place that has a hamburger fairy.

Inside Snuffy's

We arrived a couple minutes before Becky and Rett and grabbed a booth along the wall. There is a metal pole right at the edge of the table and there isn't a lot of leg room, so if you're on the tall side, be careful. Our server brought us out some waters and menus after we all were seated. Having already checked out the menu, I knew I was going with the bacon cheeseburger, although the Plaza Burger sounded interesting (Swiss cheese, sour cream, chives, and grilled onions). Everyone else got malts to have with their food, but I held my ground and insisted that a malt is a dessert, only to be enjoyed once you've cleaned your plate. We also ordered fries and onion rings to split amongst the four of us.


The food and three malts came out quickly as it wasn't very busy that night. Our server was very friendly and down to earth, much like the service at Barbette. The fries and onion rings were excellent, as I would expect at a burger and malt place. The bacon cheeseburger was standard - just a good burger, nothing fancy. The slices of bacon were a little small, but all-in-all it was a tasty meal.

Bacon Cheeseburger

After finishing my food I ordered up my strawberry banana malt that I deserved. The malt was wonderful and perfectly sized; just enough to leave me wanting a little more. We sat around and talked for a bit after eating, it was nice to not feel any pressure to leave, our server even offered to take a picture of all of us. We got out of there after spending $22 - not bad for a meal with dessert :)

Strawberry Banana Malt
  • Service: Friendly service with no pressure.
  • Food: Good burgers, good fries and onions rings. A good clean fill.
  • Drinks: No alcohol at Snuffy's but plenty of fountain drinks and malts.
  • Ambiance: Snuffy's is a family friendly environment, it had a small-town-diner feel to it.
  • Price: Great prices, you could get dinner for under $20 if you didn't order malts.
  • Convenience: Parking on Cleveland wasn't a problem and there are plenty of side streets nearby.
Erin's Review
Snuffy's is the type of place that I wish I had discovered earlier - like, much earlier, when I was in high school. This would have been a fun place to come with friends. Most of the people I talked to that lived closer to, or in the city, growing up had been to Snuffy's frequently. Down in Apple Valley, our idea of fun was going to Perkins. Sad.

We had driven by Snuffy's a few times earlier in the summer and decided we wanted to check it out. We went on a Wednesday night, so it was pretty empty. The tables are all on the smaller side, so it can feel a little claustrophobic with 4 in a booth.

We couldn't decide between onion rings and fries, so got both. I'm usually not much of an onion ring person, but I thought these were pretty good - they stayed together very well which was nice. The fries were also pretty good - nothing spectacular, but tasty.

Onion Rings

I ordered a California Cheeseburger, which was of the quality you'd expect at a diner - just a thin patty of meat with cheese, mayo on the side, one leaf of lettuce, raw onion and a tomato slice. It tasted good but certainly didn't wow me. Becky and Rett both had Mushroom Swiss burgers which looked a little more high class. Apparently they order them every time they go there, so they must be good.

California Cheeseburger

Mushroom Swiss Burger

My chocolate banana malt was also good, and I think it is best enjoyed WITH the meal. Ben probably just has some Catholic guilt about finishing his meal before eating dessert. The malt wasn't the best I've had, and I was a little disappointed about the lack of whipped cream and cherry on top.

Chocolate Banana Malt

Overall, Snuffy's was a fun place to go on a weeknight for a cheap no-frills meal, made even cheaper with the coupon Jamie gave me that was good for buy one hamburger get one free. They just ended up taking $4 off our total because neither of us got a plain hamburger. It would be a great place to take kids.

Snuffy's Door

Snuffy's Malt Shop
224 Cleveland Ave S.
St. Paul
other locations in Roseville, Edina, and Minnetonka

for a cheap meal and fun atmosphere


Liz said...

We live pretty close to Snuffy's but have never been there! I'll put it on my list for a weeknight meal.

mrs.leah.maria said...

Oooh, I'm totally going!

Ryan Ricard said...

Oh man, totally feeling your pain on Perkins, EK. It's so terrible, why must it be the only place open in AV after sundown.

Love the blog, by the way, especially now that I live near more civilized burger joints :)

Hungryinsw said...

Best malts in the state. Glad you guys finally made it there. I miss living right down the street from this place!

bob s said...

So was the Plaza burger imported from the Plaza Tavern in Madison?

Rett said...

Nice review guys, although more pictures of me and Rebekah would have spruced it up a bit :)

I'd like to add that I also enjoyed the mushroom swiss burger. I'm pretty sure they're canned mushrooms, but they were nice and big, not too canned tasting.

The shake, which is best enjoyed before eating a burger, was delicious.

Kevin from Minneapolis said...

Too expensive. The burgers are awfully small for the price and there's nothing special about them at all. Just burgers cooked on a grill, interchangeable with any hundreds of other places.

Anonymous said...

I like Snuffy's too but it's in Mac-Groveland, not Highland

ben said...

I know that the Snuffy's is in Mac-Groveland, I just referred to it as Highland Park because that's how Snuffy's refers to it on their web site.

Alex said...

I got the BLT there. The bacon was much too small for a BLT, but it did leave more space in my stomach for malty goodness.

Anonymous said...

Agreed--gotta love Snuffy's. I can see why some would think its expensive for the size of the burgers, but I still think it's pretty reasonable. And the malts are to die for! Mmm...makes me want to go right now.

You're right too--I grew up in the area and it was a VERY common hang out in elementary school and high school. We used to walk there after school or on half days, ahh the memories!

Thanks for sharing--love the blog!

Rich G. said...

I like Snuffy's, but Convention Grill has it beat hands down.

Joelen said...

Man, thats the type of place where real burgers are served! Everything looks delicious :)