Thursday, March 27, 2008

Holy Land

Visited on Monday, March 24 (picked up alone - ate at Becca and Joe's new place with them plus Amanda and Steve)

Holy Land

Erin's Review
We got the Sheik's Dinner for 4+ at Holy Land on Central to feed 6 - initially I was a little nervous that it wouldn't be enough, but it turned out to be plenty! The only things I would have liked more of were 2 more pitas and maybe a little bit more rice. Everything stayed very hot even though we did not eat right when we got to the house, which was great.

Ben took care of the ordering, so he gets into that below. All I did was eat - the food was GREAT! I will present it pictorially.

Sheik's Dinner
(Here is the falafel, grape leaves, chicken gyro, gyro, kufta-shish-chicken kebobs, greek chicken, and rice, according to what is listed on the menu)


Pita bread
(Pita bread - did not come cut up, I did that so that 6 people would not fight over the 4 pieces we got)

(Delicious greek style salad with feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, romaine, and some wonderful dressing)

(A variety of desserts - there were more under there, all I had was the baklava, which was great!)

Ben's Review
Our time at Holy Land was short lived. I called in our order of the Sheiks Dinner around 2:30 in the afternoon in preparation for going over to Becca and Joe's place for dinner, with my brother Steve and other sister Amanda. Ordering was fantastically easy:

"Hello, Holy Land."

"Hi, I'd like to place an order for pickup at 5:30"

"What would you like?"

"The Shieks Dinner for 4+"

"Ok, we'll see you at 5:30."

That was the gist of it :) It's nice when there's a single item to order for 6 people.

Holy Land

The restaurant itself is also a small grocery store. When you walk in the door they're cooking the orders to your right behind the counter, to the left is the cafeteria style seating area for those that want to eat their food ASAP. We had to wait ~10 minutes to get our food, during which I got a nasty papercut right under my fingernail, it hurt real bad! (or maybe I'm just a big baby)

Holy Land

We took our food and headed to Columbia Heights, the food was tempting us the whole way as it smelled delicious.

The food didn't disappoint. After getting a tour of the new house, we sat down to eat. There was a lot of meat, which was good, however I wasn't really sure what the meat was. There was some chicken, beef, and some gyro (I think). In any case, the food was excellent and it was a pretty good value, it was less than $50 for 6 of us.

The ratings:

  • Service: Service was great, what little of it we had. They don't wait on you, they just cook, and they do it well.
  • Food: The food was great, and you get several sauces for the meat.
  • Drinks: Nothing for us, but free tea if you eat there.
  • Ambiance: It's fun to be able to see them make your food, if you're into that kind of thing. It has the atmosphere of a cafeteria, with people waiting for their food on a tray.
  • Price: The price for us was great, I thought, less than $9 a person.
  • Convenience: Holy Land is located right on Central, not a whole lot of parking so you might have to walk a block or so if you get screwed.

Holy Land
2513 Central Avenue NE

Highly Recommended for the food

Holy Land
(No, Thank YOU Holy Land! We'll be back!)