Sunday, April 26, 2009

Longfellow Grill

Visited on Thursday, April 16th with Kate and Kyle


Ben's Review
Summit released their new beer, Horizon Red, to a few places on April 16th. I sent the list of places to Erin who consulted with Kate and came up with Longfellow Grill as the spot for dinner that night.

Longfellow Grill is the third Blue Plate restaurant we've been to (Highland Grill and Groveland Tap being the others). All of the Blue Plate restaurants have a similar vibe and menu style, but the menu items themselves are different, which I appreciate. We arrived a little before six that night and the place was packed. It was a beautiful spring day so the patio was full as well, in fact the wait time for the patio when we got there was nearly an hour, as opposed to fifteen minutes for inside. We put our names on the "inside" list and hung around outside while we waited.

Outside Longfellow Grill

After we were seated our server told us that the number 4 news was there that night, along with one of the Summit founders, to cover the release of the new beer. We got a pitcher of the beer right away, and Erin even tried it out (she liked her Mich Golden better). I really like Horizon Red and I will add it to my rotation of beers from the liquor store. I felt like it was hoppy, but still a beer that I could drink a couple of in a given night.

Pouring Summit

Summit Horizon Red

I was debating between a burger, which looked really good, and the slow roasted pork shoulder with creamed corn and garlic-asiago cheese mashed potatoes. As usual, Erin knew what was best for me and told me to get the slow roasted pork, and that I could try a bite of her burger. This turned out to be a GREAT decision as the pork, corn, and potatoes were unreal. Everything came together so well that I could have mixed it all up into a pork-corn-potato paste and it would have been delicious.

Slow Roasted Pork

We stayed for a little while longer and had another beer before we all retired to our house for a cigar and Jameson (me and Kyle) and wine (Erin and Kate). All in all a good night :)
  • Service: Our server was awesome and a really funny guy.
  • Food: Excellent pork shoulder, Erin's burger was just OK.
  • Drinks: Good beer and wine selection, no booze.
  • Ambiance: It was busy on a Wednesday night and the place had an upbeat mood, I liked it.
  • Price: I thought the prices were spot-on for the food you get. My pork was $14 and the burgers range from $8-$12.
  • Convenience: You'll have to park across the street in the neighborhoods, and turning left onto Lake sucks at this spot, luckily we head east onto Marshall instead.
Erin's Review
We met Kyle and Kate right after work on Thursday, and had originally intended to walk around taking photos before eating. However, I was beat from a long day at work and Kyle and Kate were starving, so we just headed inside right away. I'm not sure if this is normal or was due to the Summit release, but it was packed. We got a table inside pretty quickly but would have had to wait awhile for a table outside.

Inside Longfellow Grill

Once we got in, we ordered a pitcher of the new Summit beer, and watched the taping for the news. Kyle ordered a pork quesadilla for the table, which was good but nothing that outstanding. I think that pretty adequately sums up Longfellow Grill for me - it's good, solid service and food, but nothing great. Ben's meal was definitely the best of the bunch.

Pulled Pork Quesadilla

I ordered the "Grill" Burger (not sure why there are quotes there, but that's what it said on the menu) and again, it was fine. Not cooked medium as I specified, but oh well. I enjoyed the fries although they didn't seem to be freshly cut.

The "Grill" Burger

The service was great - our drinks came quickly and the server was knowledgeable and funny. He only seemed to get a little less chatty after Kate sent back a glass of wine that was apparently bad. I'd say stick with the beers at a place like this.

As Ben mentions, this is the 3rd Blue Plate restaurant we've been to, and I haven't been overly impressed with any of them. They do all seem like very family friendly locations.

Longfellow Grill
2900 West River Parkway (at Lake)


Joelen said...

Looks like a great place!

Angie said...

Good review of a neighborhood favorite. I'll have to try the pork shoulder next time I'm there - looks delicious from the picture.

While Erin is probably right with most of the 'just fine' commentary, I would argue Longfellow is the best of the Blue Plate crew and a great place to meet up with friends for a good, reasonably priced meal :)

Troy Nelson said...

Good review! I like this blog a lot!

Pauly said...

Funny to pull up your blog tonight since I just had lunch there today. We really liked it....the bloody mary was tops...with a Summit IPA snit...and my veggie melt was delish. Great server and vibe made for a wonderful homecoming lunch,

Anonymous said...

They have booze there. I had a Moscow Mule last time I was there. The Salmom Caeser is GREAT!

Riely said...

You want to be impressed at a Blue Plate Restaurant? Then go to The Edina Grill for breakfast or brunch and order the french toast (really, any of the varieties will do) and the breakfast burger! It has the single best plate of french toast that I have eaten in the twin cities and the breakfast burger (chorizo sausage, egg, crispy hashbrowns, etc) is the stuff of legends and will cure even the ugliest of hangovers.

A word to the wise, though: avoid the bloody mary unless you're a fan of cumin and chili powder... or order it with half mix and half regular tomato juice. They make an interesting bloody mary but interesting isn't always spectacular.

Anonymous said...

You must try the sweet potato fries, yummy!

A-Wix said...

My church has a weekly biking group that finishes its ride at the Longfellow. Nothing like a couple of pitchers of beer to rehydrate, right? They ride on Wednesdays, so if you happened to see a bunch of guys in bike shorts and jerseys, that may have been them.