Monday, June 29, 2009

HomeMade Pizza Winners

The contest is over and the numbers have been drawn. We randomly picked ten winners from the comments, the first five winners get a $25 gift card to HomeMade Pizza and the second five winners get a $10 gift card.

$25 Winners:

1. mrs.leah.maria (link to comment)
2. anonymous (comment was: "Mmmmm, yummy grilled pizza!.......")
3. Sareen (link to comment)
4. JL (also happened to be the 4th comment, weird.......)
5. Becca Williams (link to comment)

$10 Winners

1. anonymous (comment was: "Wow, such good deets and great pics.........")
2. abby (link to comment)
3. Solstice Mama (link to comment)
4. Fidget (link to comment)
5. Lisa (link to comment)

We'll contact you to get your mailing addresses and then drop the gift cards in the mail. Thanks for all the comments, this was really fun, we hope to do it again soon!

Erin & Ben