Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We may go broke

Last year when the City Pages Best of 2007 came out, I started a list of all of the restaurants that I wanted to try in the Twin Cities. For some reason, we kept going to the same places over and over again... and while some of them were good, it was time to branch out. We have tried a few of the new places since I made that list, and Ben or I will blog about them soon. As you can see from the list of restaurants on the home page, we have about 60 places we want to try... so we might go broke. We are limiting ourselves to once per week at the most, and we'll have to mix in the more expensive places sparingly.

Hopefully this gives you the reader some ideas for new places to try - while I am not against big chains, it will only help keep this area awesome if we promote independent restaurants instead of going to Olive Garden over and over again!

If you have any suggestions for us (especially cheaper places... ) leave a comment and we'll add them to the list!