Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Muffuletta was the first place that Ben and I went off of our list, probably in early spring (I think that is when City Pages publishes their Best of list... although I can't tell from their stupid website).

This was a spontaneous outing, we decided right before we left work that we wanted to eat out that night, and picked Muffuletta as the spot. We got there pretty early for dinner (right around 5pm) so the place was empty. I remember having the Gnocchi which was very good - I haven't had gnocchi very often so I don't have much to compare it to, but it sure tasted delicious to me!

I'm pretty sure Ben had some sort of burger which he also enjoyed, and whatever their special soup was. This was just a quick dinner so I don't even think we had drinks. Service was fast and friendly (probably because we were the only people there!).

If we want to actually try the now 60+ restaurants on our list, we can't really go back to the same place twice, but I do want to visit Muffuletta again. I've heard great things about their Sunday brunch and I'd like to come back later at night to have a more lengthy dinner experience.

I would highly recommend Muffuletta - beyond the great food, it is just a beautiful restaurant in a very cute neighborhood.