Thursday, February 19, 2009

Restaurant Week!

For those of you who enjoy eating at fine dining establishments for very low prices, check out all of the restaurants in the cities that are offering Restaurant Week specials for the week of March 1st through 6th.

There are quite a few participating restaurants that we have on our list (see right) so we are currently trying to figure out where to go! Our options are below.

Bayport Cookery
Bradstreet Crafthouse
Cave Vin
Il Vesco Vino
W.A. Frost

La Belle Vie is also on our list, but we are already planning on going there soon for another occasion. Factors to consider are value (does the RW menu even offer a deal off normal menu prices?) , menu options (my unfortunate dislike for goat cheese, specifically) , and distance from St. Paul. Comment and let us know where you would go and why!


L-berg said...

Barrio, hands down. Been there for lunch; it's excellent. Also, lots and lots of tequila. Mmm mmm tequila.

Anonymous said...

I would like you to try in order of preference (1) Bayport Cookery; (2) Seven; (3) Chambers. I haven't eaten at any of these places but I would like to read your reviews first.

La Belle Vie is my favorite place to eat. Period. It is so delicious.

Bietz's Friend Pete

Kelley said...

I vote for Bayport Cookery or Cave vin.

Barrio is also good, but their menu is less expensive than the others, in general.

Sanctuary has a tasting menu Mon-Thurs at a reduced price ($35), so I would probably go there some other week if I were you.

Katie said...

Saffron is doing a $55 (for 2) tasting menu throughout if you can make it before then I would do that instead of Restaurant Week.

Bradstreet is great, but they have small plates for sharing anyway ($3-$8), so I'm not sure what kind of Restaurant Week deal they would have.

A few of the same places are on my list, too, for Restaurant Week and I'm making final plans...maybe I'll see you there!

HungryinSW said...

Cave Vin is one of my favorite restaurants, hands down. I haven't seen their menu yet, but I'm sure it's good. Also, they have 1/2 priced wine on Monday and Tuesday, I believe, so that could make the deal even sweeter (Sorry, Ben - no beer). Not sure if they call that off for RW though. I'll be at Lurcat.

Kate said...

I've only been to Saffron of your choices (loved it), and the menu for the Restaurant Week sounds great!

HungryinSW said...

I should have been more clear. Cave Vin does have beer - just no beer specials on Monday and Tuesday. Felt like I should clear that up!

Free Printable Coupons said...

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ben said...

The site mentioned above is awful. When I enter my St. Paul zip code, the site just breaks. When I switch to Minneapolis, it doesn't break, but there are 0 coupons available.

The helpful state drop down box has only Tennessee listed? I don't get it.........

Mo said...

We went to Palomino for their Restaurant Week lunch special yesterday, and it was lovely. A delicious mozarella appetizer and a lunch-portion of cappellini pomodoro for only $10! And bottles of wine were half off all day, so we threw in a bottle of Champers too. Every day should be thus.

I've got lunch rezzies at Chambers for Friday afternoon. Looking forward to the salt and pepper tempura walleye and butternut squash soup!

Some friends tried Solera's Restaurant Week dinner on Monday and were pretty disappointed with the food. I had plans to hit Bar Lurcat with some friends on Friday night for their Restaurant Week dinner, but had to cancel as something came up. Bummer. Their options looked delicious.

nwilliamson said...

It is true the Sanctuary has wonderful tasting menus for $35 M-Th, but the special RW menu includes Patrick's Smoked and Braised Lamb Shank - named as one of Rick Nelson's Top 10 dishes of 2008. It won't be available after RW. The full RW menu is posted on-line. Tomorow is the last night of course!