Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grumpy's Roseville

Visited on Saturday, April 5th with several other people (Josh's birthday)


Ben's Review

We went to Grumpy's for our friend Josh's birthday and to watch the NCAA tournament games that night. The building that Grumpy's occupies used to be a Majors, before that it was Big City Tavern, and before that it was the KFAN: The Restaurant. Needless to say there's probably some pretty bad karma about the location, we'll see how long Grumpy's can stay open.

The bar doesn't look much different from when I was there last, when it was still Majors. Pretty standard looking suburban bar with a separate room with pool tables, darts, and Golden Tee. Its an enormous building, I'm pretty sure there's a second level but I've never been up there.Grumpy's is a pretty good place to watch sports because they've got a lot of TVs all over the place.


The list of tap beers is great, I was drinking Flat Earth Element 115 that night. You'll recall I tried to enjoy the same beer during a recent outing at Ngon's when I forgot my ID. This time I had my ID and the beer was great; you can't go wrong with local beer on tap in a frosty mug.

Ben's Beer

I ordered a cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce with fries, typical bar food. The menu is huge though, and I had trouble deciding they've got several varieties of sandwiches and burgers to choose from.

My burger came out and it was hot and cooked medium, as requested. The fries weren't good, I can't put my finger on exactly what I don't like about the fries at some places, but this was one of those places. I can say that they were really greasy and kind of soggy, very disappointing. The burger was great, albeit a little messy, but that comes with the territory of a BBQ bacon cheeseburger.

UPDATE: After I saw the picture of my burger below, I realized I had mistaken the fries at Grumpy's for another place. I got waffle fries at Grumpy's and they were very good.

Pepper Burger

Our server was decent, and she didn't have a problem managing the separate tabs for all the groups of people (there were a dozen people or so at any given time).

I don't think I'll be going back to Grumpy's anytime soon for a meal, but I wouldn't be against stopping by for a beer (or six) and catching a football game.

The ratings:

  • Service: Service was OK. Sometimes it took our server awhile to check back in for more drinks.
  • Food: My burger was good, the fries not so much. I also thought Erin's cheese dip was gross.
  • Drinks: Great tap beer selection and fully stocked bar, I didn't look into happy hour deals.
  • Ambiance: Not much ambiance to set Grumpy's apart from any other bar in the area.
  • Price: I think my burger was $8-$9 and the beers were ~$5, right on expectations.
  • Convenience: Plenty of parking, and only a mile or so north of 36, so its fairly accessible.

Erin's Review

I know some people (namely Bietz) have been disappointed in the lack of any real negative reviews from us. Well, here comes one from me at least. I did not like this place at all. When I first heard that Grumpy's opened a place in Roseville , it just pissed me off. I hated how a fairly cool place in both downtown and Northeast Minneapolis was now occupying an enormous building in the suburbs that had formerly housed a Majors - it just didn't feel right to me. Then, I went to their website and saw that they claim that Grumpy's is the "only real neighborhood joint in the area!" This angered me irrationally. This is a HUGE, very impersonal bar. Not a neighborhood joint.


Anyway, this place is very close to our friends Mindy and Josh's house, so it made sense for Josh to have his birthday gathering there to watch the NCAA games before heading over to their place later at night. I went with low expectations, but I did expect the food to at least be okay. I am not really a picky eater, and I usually enjoy bar food a lot. Grumpy's menu is ridiculously large - check it out online. I am always wary of places with this big of menus - it seems to me that if you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one because nothing is that great.

To start, I ordered the "Gazillion Cheese Dip" - initially I wanted nachos, but Mindy told me that she'd had them before and they weren't that good. I think they might have one too many cheeses in this dip, because they didn't mix that well together. I knew it wasn't a nacho cheese dip, but the dip curdled very quickly - it was okay right away when it came out but after a few minutes it got a little gross. I did really like the parmesan crisps that it came with - they were very good. It also came with chips, which was nice. I like to have options with my dips.

Cheese Dip

For my meal, I got the Clubhouse, which was not good at all. The bread was WAY too greasy - I could barely hold onto the sandwich. The meats were all slimy and falling off out of the sandwich. I didn't like it at all.

Club Sandwich

What I did enjoy about Grumpy's was the tater tots. That's all. I would not choose to go back here - if I am for some reason outnumbered or there is another birthday event going on, I'd get some kind of burger with the tater tots because those both seemed to be well received by many.


Grumpy's Roseville
2801 Snelling Ave North
Roseville, MN

Not recommended - the food and atmosphere are severely lacking. Going for a beer to watch a game would be fine... but really, there are many other places you can do that where you CAN get decent food and a fun atmosphere so why bother.


Ryan said...

I hate it when I get my waffle fry memories confused.

JMJanssen said...

Before it was KFAN, it was Lido, one of the better Italian joints in the area (although I may have been biased due to sentiment).

It's a cursed location, just like the space Mad Jack's took over in Vadnais Heights.

Anonymous said...

To clarify - Lido was not in the same building, just the same lot. KFAN originally built the building that Grumpy's now occupies.

As far as the "Grumpy's in the surburbs!?" comment... remember that the first Grumpy's was in Coon Rapids!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Gazillion cheese dip!! I order it everytime I have been there. True, it's a large, impersonal bar, but both times I've been there - once with another couple and again with a large group in the game room - we got good service and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

The Gazillion cheese dip is da bomb! My husband knows he won't get any b/c it's MINE. Love it!

The Gust said...

To clarify the clarification, this is actually still the original Lido building, it just went under the knife. I will never forget the curved stairway leading down to the banquet halls from when I was a kid. That, and the bathrooms are the only reminders of what this once was.

I miss Lido.

RosevilleResident said...

Grumpy's is a good place to go for a few beer late at night. 2-4-1's every night after 10! Great deal. Also half off appetizers...which is necessary because they're all shit. The nachos are alright, but only order them if you have 3 or more hungry people. If they sit for more than 5 minutes they become disgusting. All the other food I've had there is just downright awful. I will never order food from there again.
In fact I'll never be going there again based on their bartenders. They are friendly to some and extremely impersonal to others. I was disappointed and gave a $1 tip (for reasons I won't get into) and I checked my bank account today to find a $2.40 tip! (which was 20%...not standard policy on cards) I've been displeased with them in the past, but this seals it. I will never return.

That said it can be fun at night with the 2 for 1's and usually pretty good music. DO NOT eat the food!!!

Anonymous said...

Would any body really remember that you forgot your ID the last time you ordered a particular beer? Is there room for you and your ego in the same booth?
Grummpy's is bar like any other bar. All the generic 'neighborhood' bars get their food from Sysco. In fact I checked every bar/restaurant mentioned above and they all purchase from Sysco.

After reading the garbled writing of what I suspect is a review I would suggest the original bloggers and Roseville resident take a class in remedial English, memory building,critical writing, and anger management. Proof reading would also help from contradicting yourself. Just because you can type words doesn't make you a writer.

The only reason I had to visit this blog was for a writing class. Your blog was one from the section on common mistakes to avoid in public writing.

Joe said...

I hope you do well in your community education class on "public writing." $25 well spent, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Grumpy's bar is the best. Roseville is still awesome. I just find it more restauranty with the seperate bar and dining room. it also has awesome food, like the elvis burger. Oh and by the way I have had that sandwich many times and the meat has never been greasy with the bread not being able to hold it? Seriously. And I think it was really lame to accidentally say he fries were gross? Really? This blog sucks.